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Engagement Rings Oval Cut

Oval cut engagement rings are really making a comeback! They offer an option that is unique and different than the popular round brilliant diamond shape. The long shape of the diamond can help make your finger appear just a little longer. The elongation of the shape is very elegant and was worn by Princess Diane. […]

Engagement Rings In Toronto The Overwhelm

1. PRICING Another element of the engagement ring buying process that can be confusing is pricing. There can be two exact items with different pricing. You see, there are many factors to pricing. One of the biggest that is unpredictable is the jewellers’ situation including when they purchased the diamond and at what cost, their […]

Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring The Popularity

In this video I talk about princess cut diamonds, why you’d choose, the popularity and the pricing. The princess cut diamond is best described as square. It’s a matter of taste as to whether you like the square look with its sharp 90 degree angles. It’s quite beautiful in person. It’s quite an accomplishment to […]

Oval Cut Engagement Rings Hot Hot In Toronto

Lately, in the past year, oval cut diamonds have become very popular. We cannot keep them in stock! The reason being is that they’re inexpensive compared to round diamonds. They give off a larger appearance because of its elongation. Going with the oval shaped diamond allows you to have a larger looking diamond while spending […]

How To Add Some Valentines Flair To Your Engagement Ring

1. VALENTINE’S DAY IS A POPULAR TIME TO POP THE QUESTION Surprisingly, Valentine’s Day is not the most popular day of the year to ask for your loved ones hand in marriage, but it’s near the top of the list. According to a recent marriage proposal study, 29% of women and 20% of men think […]

Valentines Day Wedding Proposal Ideas

Valentines Days is considered by many to be the most romantic day of the year. For this reason alone, it has become a very popular day for wedding proposals. Thousands of couples each year get engaged and start the next chapter of their lives. Why do so many people propose on Valentine’s Day? Perhaps it’s […]


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