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The 4 Cs of High-Quality Diamonds – Livia Diamonds

The 4 Cs of High-Quality Diamonds – Livia Diamonds Every diamond is unique in its own way and has its own value based on specific qualities. Up until the mid-20th century no universal standards had been put into place to judge the value of a diamond. This all changed when GIA put into place the […]

Is Your Diamond Real or a Fake?

When it comes to diamond rings, don’t believe everything you’re told or read. There are diamond scams taking place across the world and the last thing that you’d want to have happen is to fall for one of these scams and lose your hard-earned money. Diamonds are often purchased as part of an engagement ring […]

3 Reasons to Purchase a Lab Grown Diamond

Lab grown diamonds provide customers the chance to look at different options when choosing a diamond. These types of diamonds offer the perfect balance of beauty and symbolism while at the same time addressing the responsibility we all have to care for the environment. You can do your part to make this planet a better […]

It’s Almost Impossible to Differentiate Between Lab Grown Diamonds Versus Real Gems, Here’s Why

Lab-grown diamonds have become a hot topic for jewelers and brides and grooms from one end of the country to the other. They are cheaper than real diamonds and as an added bonus it is just about impossible to make a differentiation between the real gems and the diamonds that have been grown in a […]

I Planned a Summer 2020 Wedding, What Do I Do Now?

You have gone ahead and set up the big date, but now you realize that your wedding plans have been scheduled right in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. You are one of many couples that have found themselves having to deal with an unprecedented situation. This would have definitely been unforeseen when you were […]

How to Find a Jeweler You Can Work With

Toronto’s Best Engagement Ring Jeweler A major piece of the engagement ring shopping puzzle is solved when you find a jeweler that is going to work with you through the entire process, helping you find a ring that represents everything you want while at the same time lining up with your budget.   It’s easy […]


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