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Top 10 Diamond Engagement Ring Myths Dispelled

One of the first things every guy does when he is ready to start shopping for a diamond engagement ring is to go online and start reading up about engagement rings, what to expect, and tips for buying engagement rings. While there is lots of good information out there, there is also a large amount […]

The Importance of Designing Engagement Rings to Sit Flush with Wedding Bands

Many of my clients purchase engagement rings and wedding bands together. This ensures that you choose a pair that sit flush together, creating a great look and providing you with maximum comfort. Recently, a client came to me who had a diamond engagement ring and wedding band that had been designed by another jeweller. The […]

A Guide to Budgeting for an Engagement Ring Purchase

A diamond engagement ring is a big purchase for a number of reasons. It’s a commitment that will change your life, and it is a financial investment. Therefore, budget is an important consideration when buying an engagement ring in Toronto. One of the first questions guys tend to think about is, “How much should I […]

Livia Diamonds Is an Authorized Dealer of Madani Rings

I am very excited to announce that Livia Diamonds is officially an authorized deal of Madani rings. Madani rings are sold exclusively through authorized dealers, and we are very pleased to be one of the select few jewellers in Toronto to sell them. Each authorized retailer is carefully selected to carry their products and represent […]

Diamond Cut Series: Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

This is the first in our 4 part series that takes a look and the emerging trends in diamond cuts for engagement rings in Toronto. While round and princess cut diamonds is a mainstay in the engagement ring design industry, brides to be are increasingly turning to other diamond cuts to create a custom engagement […]

5 Popular Trends for Engagement Rings in Toronto this Year

A diamond engagement ring is the most important piece of jewelry a woman will own in her lifetime, so creating the perfect ring involves designing a piece that is both trendy and fashionable, but also timeless. Many of the diamond jewellery trends are influenced by new wedding styles and celebrity engagements. Here are the top […]


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