Design Custom Engagement Rings She’ll Love

Design Custom Engagement Rings She’ll Love

One of the biggest challenges men face when they decide to propose is figuring out the type of ring to buy. The options are endless and, since most guys don’t know much about engagement rings, it can be a daunting task.

The good news is there are lot of ways you can learn about the type of ring she wants, without her catching on. This is especially important if you are looking at custom engagement rings as an option. Custom engagement rings require more thought and effort on your part, but it’s well worth it – especially when you see the look on her face when she opens the ring box.

To help you get started on your quest to design the perfect engagement ring, I have put together a collection of tips for how to get hints from your gal.

How Do Girls Drop Hints About Engagement Rings?

Accord to the knot, your potential bride to be will drop (not so subtle) hints in the following ways:

  1. Show you pictures of engagement rings she likes
  2. Take you into jewelry stores to look at rings
  3. Suggest one of her friends or family members go with you
  4. Tell you the diamond shape and precious metals she likes and then leaves the rest up to you.
  5. Straight out ask to design the ring together also provides some insight into subtle ways she will drop hints about custom engagement ring ideas:

  1. Hints from social media such as Pinterest boards or celebrity posts
  2. Talking about her friends rings to get your opinion
  3. Window shopping and looking at jewelry online
  4. Getting her friends to drop hints about the type of custom engagement ring you want

The Best Advice About Engagement Rings Ever!

A One of a Kind Engagement Ring from a Photo
A One of a Kind Engagement Ring from a Photo

If you are planning on proposing and looking for engagement ring ideas, pay attention to the hints she is dropping. You are buying the ring for her, so it makes sense to get as much information as you can from her, without her knowing it. This means you might have to be a little sneaky, and go behind her back and talk to her friends and family, but if that’s what you have to do to gain a great understanding of what the engagement ring of her dreams looks like, then do it.

Once you know what you are looking for, I can help you create a one of a kind custom engagement ring – The ring she always dreamed about getting!

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