The Girl, The Ring, And The Proposal – How To Set The Stage For The Perfect Proposal

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Posted on 27 Jun

Proposing can be a nerve raking thing for guys. Finding the right girl, the right engagement ring and proposing the right way can be a lot of pressure.

Every girl has dreamed about the day when the man she loves pops the question and asks for her hand in marriage. Because of this, there can be a lot of pressure on guys to create the perfect proposal.

So, what do you need to create a great proposal – the story you will tell your grandkids about 40 years from now?

There are three key things that you need to set the stage for the perfect wedding proposal:

  1. The girl
  2. The ring
  3. A great proposal idea


Guys, this one is completely up to you. It’s up to you find the girl of your dreams – the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. We can’t help you with this, but we can surely help you find the perfect engagement ring and give you some great proposal advice!


Once you have found the girl you want to make your wife, it’s time to start your quest to find the perfect engagement ring. The beauty of engagement rings is that the perfect ring is different for each person. Some girls love white gold, others yellow gold. Some love princess cut diamonds, others prefer oval diamonds. Your job is to find out what she likes and create a ring she will love and cherish forever.

Here are some tips for finding the perfect engagement ring in Toronto:

  • Pay attention to any hints she may drop
  • Take a look at the type of jewelry she wears – what is her jewelry style?
  • Get some inspirations by performing a search online
  • Give yourself enough time to explore your options and find the perfect ring
  • Have a budget when shopping for rings – It will simplify the process
  • Don’t buy into the diamond ring myths and misconceptions
  • Consider a custom engagement ring to make it more personalized
  • Ask for help – from friends, family members and from me – I’d be happy to help!

Learn more by checking out our Toronto Engagement Ring Buying Checklist


Once you have a diamond ring that she will be proud to wear, you need to come up with the perfect proposal idea. But, if you know her as well as you think, you should have a good idea of how to pop the question.

A great proposal doesn’t have to cost a lot of money and it doesn’t have to look like a Hollywood production to capture the heart of your loved one.

How do you come up with the perfect proposal idea?

  • Think about the things that define your relationship
  • Where did you first meet? Where did you have your first kiss?
  • Do you have a special place?
  • Is there a certain time of year that makes sense?
  • Has she told you about her vision of the perfect proposal? What is it?

Perfect proposals are personal and are filled with thought and meaning. This is more important than anything else if you want to create a truly memorable moment. Much like the ring, the perfect proposal will be different for each person.

Even though we can only give you some ideas about how to propose, and definitely can’t help you find the girl, we are experts at helping you design the perfect diamond ring.

Book your free design consultation today and create a custom engagement ring in Toronto she’ll love.

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