Two Tone Engagement Rings Ideas

Posted on 15 Feb

Two Tone Engagement Rings Ideas

Shopping for an engagement ring is can be a stressful time. It can be difficult to find the perfect ring for that perfect someone, one ring to really represent everything she means to you and everything that you want your lives together to mean moving forward.

That’s why there’s so much advantage in working with a jeweler to come up with a semi-custom or completely customized design, particularly if you’re looking for two tone engagement rings that use a couple of different materials in the final look.

Find the Right Jeweler First

A lot of people go on the hunt for an engagement ring first and foremost, bouncing from one jeweler to the next and looking at whatever they have in the window or in the display cases before moving on to another shop.

That’s the wrong way to go about the process, especially when you’re after two tone engagement rings. Instead, you’ll want to find the right jeweler that’s going to help guide you through this process step-by-step and work with you from start to finish to get the perfect ring, settling for nothing less. The right jeweler is a huge asset, and that’s what you should be shopping for initially.

Start Painting with a Broad Brush and then Focus on the Details

Two tone engagement rings are unique and stunning when done correctly, but to get to the finished product you’re going to want to start with “broad brush” generalities before finalizing the little details.

Start by thinking about the two main materials you want to use, the precious metals that will make up the backbone of your ring. Then think about how you want the ring designed to look, only afterwards figuring out the types of gems and the gemstone pattern or cut you want to have finish things off. This will help simplify and streamline the process considerably.

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