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Having trouble finding an engagement ring? If you’re ring shopping, you’ve probably taken a trip or two to the mall or visited a brand name jeweller in Toronto. One thing you’ve probably noticed is that all the rings and diamonds look the same. This wont cut it if you are looking for something personalized. I know that you want to propose with a ring that has meaning and expresses your feelings; Most importantly you want her to love it. This is why people are choosing to design custom engagement rings to get exactly what they want.

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How a top Toronto jeweller designs elaborate custom engagement rings

Aret Oymakas, the owner of local boutique design studio, Livia Diamonds (a unique destination for Engagement Rings in Toronto), has been working with engagement rings since he was a kid (he grew up as a 3rd generation Armenian jeweller from Europe).


Every engagement ring purchase is unique because every couple is unique. So to completely generalize advice for everyone will never be as good as the advice you can get from


Traditionally, presenting an engagement ring to your, hope-to-be, fiancé has been a surprise event. But a recent study by the fine people at The Knot suggests this trend has slumped.


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  • Hetal Patel
    Hetal Patel
    20:37 13 Jun 19
    Caroline Villarroel
    Caroline Villarroel
    16:52 09 Jun 19
    My husband and I are so incredibly thrilled with Aret and Livia Diamonds. My husband was referred to Aret by his brother, and we couldn't be more appreciative of the quality, craftsmanship, attention to detail, and customer service. We started our journey with Aret in October 2017, designing a custom engagement ring. Aret listened patiently to our requests and ideas, and designed a uniquely beautiful engagement ring, a breath-taking oval diamond halo with pave-set diamonds on a white gold band. It was absolutely gorgeous, and a ring that I'd be proud to wear to the end of my days. We were so pleased with Aret's expertise, that we decided to come back to him 12 months later to design our wedding bands. Again, Aret listened patiently to our requests, and his expert advice made us feel completely at ease. Once more, our wedding bands turned out magnificently, and entirely beyond our expectations. For my husband, he's now wearing a classic tungsten wedding band with a koa wood inlay; for myself, I'm now wearing a scalloped diamond wedding band that complements my engagement ring beautifully. We couldn't be more thrilled with Aret and Livia Diamonds! In fact, my husband went back to Aret for a THIRD time, and together, they designed two beautiful wedding presents for me: a custom diamond solitaire pendant necklace and a diamond tennis bracelet.Needless to say, we'd recommend Livia Diamonds to anybody and everybody looking for beautiful, custom diamond rings and jewelry.
    Menan Nagulendran
    Menan Nagulendran
    17:16 06 Jun 19
    You cannot say enough about the special dude on the other end of the table at Livia Diamonds. I am not sure about most, but the entire thought of proposing was intimidating. To say the least!Nothing was good enough, no idea was worth it, I just didnt know where to start. That was until I met Aret, who made me realize this daunting task was more then doable. He helped me figure out what options were available to me and custom designed a ring straight out of my imagination. He knows his stuff and is as transparent as can be during the end to end process. Great stuff @Livia Diamonds, will definitely be recommending this store.
    Alex Milo
    Alex Milo
    20:26 04 Jun 19
    Aret is by far the most accommodating and helpful jeweler I met in all of Toronto. I had been with my girlfriend for 7 years before I proposed, so I had a lot of time to meet with different jewelers and find exactly what I was looking for. Aret educated me on the importance of the diamond’s 4 Cs and what to prioritize. He helped me create a custom engagement ring with excellent quality for an extremely reasonable price. 1 year later, my fiancé and I went right back to Aret to create our dream wedding bands. I cannot stress enough how hospitable he has been throughout the entire process. I can honestly say that Aret helped create the perfect rings for my wife and I. We are so pleased to have met and worked with Aret in creating the most beautiful rings. Thank you so much for all of your help and I would absolutely recommend Livia Diamonds to anyone looking for a ring from any occasion.
    Tara Villarroel
    Tara Villarroel
    02:29 26 May 19
    Aqsa Naeem
    Aqsa Naeem
    18:35 24 May 19
    Aret is the best guy to get engagement/wedding rings really!!! He really goes above and beyond for his customers. The diamonds quality is FANTASTIC that too in a VERY affordable price. Besides, he probably is the only one in Toronto who has quality Lab diamonds!!!! He's really very patient and always gives the best advice to his customers. FITS ALL BUDGETS PROVIDING YOUR DREAM RING AND IM JUST SO HAPPY I FOUND HIM FOR MY ENGAGEMENT RING. Thank you Aret!!! You really have been so patient with me and thank you for your excellent customer service EVERY SINGLE TIME 🙂
    Charlie McCabe
    Charlie McCabe
    13:18 05 May 19
    Soniya SK.
    Soniya SK.
    11:44 30 Apr 19
    This review is far over due. We're so sorry it has taken us so long to write. Exactly a year ago, my boyfriend at the time now my husband Tim were browsing for engagement rings. We came across Aret's Instagram page and suddenly intrigued. Tim called Aret and booked an appointment for last year, March. We met Aret and what a breath of fresh air he is. Absolutely kind, knowledgeable, professional and overall a sweetheart of a person. I knew exactly what I wanted, halo pear shape. I left the room so Tim and Aret could discuss pricing and Tim mentioned Aret is very easy to work with and will accommodate as much as he can. He's NOT like other jewelers who have been very rude, pushy in the past. He genuinely will tell you, what will look good and let you decide. What attracted me most is the fact, Aret creates a replica of you're vision. Which you can keep and take with you on vacation etc. We went back about a month later, there was some tweaking required from the replica. It was a single halo but I wanted the ring to pop up more, so we both expressed what we wanted and I stepped out of the room so Tim and Aret could discuss the final price of the ring. Tim mentioned again, very easy man to work with and understood my concern. This was my last interaction with Aret. Than Tim went to pick up the ring on his own which I had no idea and he purposed to me in July of last year. The ring is a double halo, pear shaped 2 carat. I absolutely LOVE my ring and our purposal to go with it. I am SO happy we gave our business to Aret and I couldn't be happier with his service. I absolutely recommend Livia Diamonds. Aret, personalizes his meeting and really goes above and beyond. The quality of the diamond is flawless and I always receive compliments. I will be calling Aret today to book an appointment for my ring cleaning. Thank you so much again, Aret. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Warmest wishes- Sonya & Tim Singh😊
    Stephen N
    Stephen N
    15:49 04 Apr 19
    I bought my diamond engagement ring from Livia Diamonds, and the customer service, quality of diamond and ring far exceeded my expectations. I worked with Aret who is very professional and helps you every step of the process. He spent time educating me so I knew what I was buying and so I could build the perfect ring for my price point. It was clear Aret takes a lot of pride in his business and the rings he produces which is reflective in the flawless engagement ring his team produced. I went to 6 other jewelers who didn't take the same level of care as Aret did which made my decision to work with him an easy one. Further, I did my research and the prices cannot be matched! Another benefit for choosing Livia Diamonds is they create a prototype prior to the finished product, so you can make adjustments and get the ring you want. Once the actual ring is made you get to keep the prototype, which is great for traveling. My Fiance absolutely loves her ring! I would highly recommend Livia Diamonds you will not be disappointed! Thank you Aret and the team at Livia Diamonds!
    Johnny Henderson
    Johnny Henderson
    21:53 30 Mar 19
    I highly recommend Livia Diamonds. Aret, the boutique’s affable owner, produced an excellent custom engagement ring on-time and at a very competitive price. Aret is clearly very knowledgeable but what I appreciated most were his diligence and patience, as he took the time to really understand what I was looking for and to discuss a range of designs, materials and options. An all-around great experience and a well-deserved five stars.




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