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At Livia Diamonds we are doing everything possible to ensure our clients feel safe and secure through every step of the process. With our strict social distancing protocols, mask-wearing practices and meticulous hand sanitizing, we have eliminated any risks that will keep you from enjoying the moment. We have also removed wait times and overlap in all consultations for minimal social contact.

Our goal is to give every client a worry-free experience so you can focus on only what’s important!
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Custom Engagement Rings Toronto

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Having trouble finding an engagement ring? If you’re ring shopping, you’ve probably taken a trip or two to the mall or visited a brand name jeweller in Toronto. One thing you’ve probably noticed is that all the rings and diamonds look the same. This wont cut it if you are looking for something personalized. I know that you want to propose with a ring that has meaning and expresses your feelings; Most importantly you want her to love it. This is why people are choosing to design custom engagement rings to get exactly what they want.

Custom Design Engagement Rings Toronto

Why she'll love a custom
engagement ring

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Meaningful Custom Engagement Rings Toronto

How custom engagement
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Elaborate Custom Engagement Rings

How a top Toronto jeweller designs elaborate custom engagement rings

Aret Oymakas, the owner of local boutique design studio, Livia Diamonds (a unique destination for Engagement Rings in Toronto), has been working with engagement rings since he was a kid (he grew up as a 3rd generation Armenian jeweller from Europe).

Engagement Rings in Toronto

10 stores to get engagement rings in Toronto right now

Engagement rings in Toronto are a little tougher to procure right now during the pandemic. While most jewelers are doing virtual appointments at this point, only a smaller selection is offering in-store consultations for when you want to see your pricey keepsakes in all their shiny glory. Here are some stores where you can get engagement rings in Toronto right now.


Google Reviews

  • Anna Nowak
    Anna Nowak
    02:17 02 Mar 21
    matt martinolich
    matt martinolich
    23:56 26 Feb 21
    Aret is very friendly, easy to work with, and helped me design the exact engagement ring I was after. Awesome experience, all around. Highly recommended. Thanks, Aret!!
    Benjamin Pape
    Benjamin Pape
    22:41 20 Feb 21
    Aret was informative, professional, and very supportive during this special time. He helped us customize a beautiful ring that was the perfect style for my fiancee. We loved that he made a prototype that we got to keep and we definitely would recommend him to anyone looking for an engagement ring. Thank you so much!
    11:28 31 Jan 21
    A true professional. Aret truly made my engagement memorable. My wife to be couldn't be happier and I'm left taking all the credit when it should be Aret. Who went above and beyond to make sure I got the stone I wanted, the design, and the peace of mind that I was getting top notch product. Thank you. I will be seeing you again !
    Sonny Dudani
    Sonny Dudani
    00:16 19 Jan 21
    Aret was informative and accommodating throughout the entire process . He took the time to understand our needs and was an absolute pleasure to work with
    Trade Mark
    Trade Mark
    01:37 18 Jan 21
    I'm a repeat customer with them and all I can say is you can really trust Aret with his work!I bought my girlfriend, now fiancee's ring from him. Saw his work from Instagram and I direct messaged him telling that I'm currently in Baltimore and if he can make this certain ring with specifications. He did really great (see photo) and this specific ring has a GIA certificate too!I said I am a repeat customer because now that we're planning our wedding, I messaged him to make our wedding bands as well. He made some custom changes and we are happy customers!He communicates very and as busy as he is, he makes it on time with his deliverables.I would give him a firm handshake and probably a hug (pre-COVID) for making our rings as elegant as it is.Don't be afraid to get a ring from him even if you are not from the area (locally), he'll make it for you.
    Hasan Mulla
    Hasan Mulla
    09:18 17 Jan 21
    Uzi Jaffer
    Uzi Jaffer
    03:29 04 Jan 21
    I visited Aret in fall 2020 to inquire about getting an engagement ring. I had a good idea of what I wanted and had a consultation to get an understanding of what options and styles he had available.I didn't expect to walk out placing an order for a ring but I had such a great consultation that I ended up starting the process to get an engagement ring made. He showed me the lab-grown diamonds in the cut I was looking for and we went through the other aspects of the ring. Though I had a pretty good idea of what I was looking for, Aret was personable and gave suggestions on certain elements of the ring. It was a painless process.One of my favourite parts of the experience was being able to look at a prototype of the ring before deciding if I wanted to move forward (this took a few weeks to produce). This was a nice touch and not something I've experienced with other jewellers (though I'm not a frequent jeweller shopper). Another thing I appreciated was that he upgraded the size of my diamond at no extra charge once he realized the original size I originally wanted was no longer available. He could have called and told me the bad news but decided to upgrade the diamond, which was a nice surprise. My fiancee loved the ring and I would recommend Livia Diamonds for anybody looking for an engagement ring.
    Gianfranco Perciasepe
    Gianfranco Perciasepe
    15:30 24 Dec 20
    What can I say? He just amazing. He helped me from the start.. Amazing quality and amazing workmanship. I am happy I went aret for my engagement ring! You won't beat his prices for what you get!!
    Subhraneil Kalita
    Subhraneil Kalita
    08:08 22 Dec 20




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