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Engagement Rings Toronto – Buy Custom, Vintage, & Unique Diamond Rings At Livia Diamonds

Custom Engagement Rings In Toronto: An Innovative And Personalized Approach To Buying An Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring, particularly in Toronto, can be overwhelming and exhausting. But it doesn’t have to be that way. This was my main motivation to create Livia Diamonds. It was born from decades of observing the jewellery industry and my desire to forge a new path for the engagement ring buying process.

Re-Inventing The Engagement Ring Shopping Experience

Every step of the custom engagement ring design process has been closely examined and reinvented to create the most enjoyable and pain free experience I could muster up for you – from booking your engagement ring consultation appointment online, viewing diamonds under a microscope, private one-on-one personal attention, examining a silver ring “proof” of your design that awaits your approval, and even providing a flat screen TV set up with a Netflix account ready for a guests who might accompany you in the design studio, I offer the ultimate ring shopping experience in Toronto.

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I respect your budget and you will never feel any pressure to upgrade your diamond cut or ring style to a more expensive option. You won’t even feel any pressure at all to buy! This is my promise to you!

At Livia Diamonds, I am proudest of the intangible experience that is created based on honesty, no-sales pressure, and one-on-one personalized high-end service that has a foundational meaning integrated into it all.

That meaning is this: Every purchase you make helps kids in Toronto. Aret, the company founder, is very passionate about helping local children who are faced with health problems. With a young daughter of his own, it pains his heart to think of any child and family who might have to go through these types of challenges.

Why Design A Custom Engagement Ring?

Having trouble finding an engagement ring? If you’re ring shopping, you’ve probably taken a trip or two to the mall or visited a brand name jeweller in Toronto. One thing you’ve probably noticed is that all the rings and diamonds look the same. This won’t cut it if you are looking for something personalized. I know that you want to propose with a ring that has meaning and expresses your feelings; Most importantly you want her to love it.  This is why people are choosing to design custom engagement rings to get exactly what they want.

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Design Your Own Engagement Rings – The Livia Diamonds Way!

At Livia Diamonds, I take a unique approach to designing custom engagement rings. My custom engagement ring design process can help you add more meaning and reflection to the unique relationship that you have with your partner.

Here is the Livia Diamonds approach to custom design:

Once we sit down and talk about the style, diamond cut and size, and other details, we are just getting started, whereas most other Toronto jewellers are just worried about getting a sale.

Most jewellers create a preliminary ring design – But this is where Livia Diamonds differs from other custom engagement ring designers. I give you the opportunity to see and feel the ring design before it’s crafted.

Instead of seeing a wax model that is too delicate to touch to determine if you like the custom ring, Livia Diamonds will create a silver ring that is identical to the one that will be made in gold. You can try it on, and it is a much more accurate presentation of the real thing. I want to guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with the engagement ring design.

Say “Will You Marry Me” With A Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond rings have long stood as a symbol of love and marriage, and there is no better way to show your loved one that you want to spend the rest of your life with them then by proposing with one. I can help you find the ring that you will be confident to propose with, and will be proud to show off to friends and family!

Choose From The Best Engagement Rings In Toronto

I understand there are many options when choosing engagement rings in Toronto. I also know you want the best selection of engagement rings. At Livia Diamonds, I specialize in creating one of a kind engagement rings of all types and styles. Choose from:

Diamond Engagement Rings

Whatever your preference, I have a ring that will meet your unique specifications. Choose from:

  • Solitaire engagement rings
  • Halo engagement rings
  • Split shank engagement rings
  • Three stone engagement rings
  • Criss cross engagement rings
  • Bypass engagement rings
  • Straight engagement rings

Wedding Rings

Shopping for wedding bands? I can help you with this, as well. I can help you design custom wedding rings, his and hers wedding rings, match existing rings and more!

Vintage Engagement Rings

Looking for something different? Want an engagement ring with a vintage or retro look? I can help you create a vintage style engagement ring from scratch. I will make your ideas come to life and create a ring that will make a statement.

Antique Engagement Rings

Antique designs are beautiful, intricate, timeless and bold. Choose from Art Deco, Victorian and Etruscan styles and more. I can help you recreate any style or antique look.

Unique Engagement Rings

Having a unique engagement ring makes it that much more meaningful. When it comes to unique rings, the sky is the limit. Whether you are looking for something that is very modern, a classic diamond ring with a unique twist, or a personalized design, I can help you design and create a unique ring that reflects your partner’s character and your relationship.

Choose Your Ring By Diamond Cut

If you have a diamond shape in mind, I can use this as the basis for your ring design. Choose from:

Conflict Free Diamond

Each one of our diamonds is conflict free. I only provide diamonds that have been obtained through the Kimberly Process (, which has made great efforts in eradicating the selling of diamonds used by rebel movements to finance wars against legitimate governments.

Diamond Rings

Diamond rings are great for all occasions. Whether you want to do something a little extra special for your anniversary, a birthday, Valentine’s Day or even a Christmas gift, I can help you design a custom diamond ring. Choose from different styles, precious metals, diamond and stone type, and more.

Livia Diamonds Is The Best Place To Buy Engagement Rings In Toronto

Purchasing an engagement ring is a milestone moment in your life. I know that you want it to be a wonderful and memorable experience, and this is exactly what you will get – an unmatched ring shopping experience.

  • Designing custom engagement rings is our specialty
  • I make the process of purchasing a diamond as transparent as possible
  • I help you design rings that represent your love
  • All of our consultations are 100% FREE – no pressure sales!
  • One-on-one consultations
  • I ALWAYS respect your budget and will never try to upsell
  • I’m a Toronto jeweller you can trust
  • I promise she’ll love it!!!

Prices That Fit Your Budget

I take pride in offering top quality and custom engagement rings that fit all budgets. I make it easy for you to shop for affordable engagement rings without sacrificing the quality of the diamond, precious metals or the details of the ring.

I know that you have a budget and want to stick to it. Even though our consultations are by appointment only, they are 100% FREE and I will never try to sell you something out of your price range – I PROMISE! Instead, I’ll focus on creating the most value and the best ring possible for your budget.

I’m not just saying it – I really can create a beautiful ring for any budget. You set the budget and I’ll make you a gorgeous ring that I personally guarantee she’ll love.

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The 4 Cs

Choosing the perfect engagement ring is a very personal decision. You can help yourself figure out what you want by using the 4 Cs – which stands for: colourclaritycut, and carat.  

These design elements can help you find an affordable engagement ring that fits within your budget and meets your design preferences. Each of the 4 C’s has an impact on the value of a diamond so it’s a good idea to consider which of the 4 C’s are most important to you.

Book A Free Design Consultation

If you are interested in custom engagement rings in Toronto, book an appointment with Aret. All appointments are one-on-one consultations, and I am happy to provide you with design input, answer your questions, and help you create the perfect ring for your partner. Book a FREE design consultation today!

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