BUYING GUIDE: What are the 4 Cs?

BUYING GUIDE: What are the 4 Cs?

What do the 4 Cs stand for?

Like snowflakes, diamonds are so miraculously unique, that you will have a hard time finding two exactly alike. Prior to the middle of the twentieth century, there was no standard for assessing diamond quality. Then came the globally accepted standards for describing diamond quality, named 4 Cs – which stands for: colour, clarity, cut and carat.

  • Diamond colour determines the whiteness or lack of colour of the diamond.
  • Diamond clarity determines the level of “perfection” of the diamond.
  • Diamond cut describes how well the diamond has been cut. Cut greatly affects the diamond’s brilliance and sparkle.
  • Diamond carat measures a diamond’s weight.

The jeweller does not grade the diamond. There are standard grading reports done by many agencies around the world. Some are more reliable then others. It’s always good to have a jeweller you can trust that can inspect the diamond with you. These reports are still made by humans so there will always be room for subjectivity with all elements of the grade. If you want to know more about how diamonds are officially graded, you’re invited to learn more about diamond certification »

How to choose the right diamond?

Don’t forget – engagement rings are more than just diamonds attached to a ring. They represent your love, your “forever after”, and they should match your partner’s character. I can help you pick the best diamond for your budget, but you’ll do most of the work while I guide you through the process of choosing the most suitable shape »

When you browse the Internet for information about diamond characteristics in engagement rings, you will find that most jewellers talk about 4 Cs as the most descriptive characteristic of a diamond, which determines the overall diamond beauty and sparkle. However, when choosing the right diamond for your loved one, look beyond these technical aspects and find the right diamond with your heart. Remember – beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Therefore, the engagement ring should be chosen by you, for your loved one, not through a catalogue or a popularity guide. Also, there are several more aspects of a diamond that go beyond the 4Cs. This is something that your jeweller should inform you about.


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