Diamond Cuts in Toronto

Diamond Cuts in Toronto

The Importance of Diamond Cuts

The diamond cut is a very important consideration when designing a custom ring. The cut you choose will have a profound impact on the overall look and feel of the ring. Choosing a radiant cut over a cushion cut can change the look of a ring, even if they have all the same accents and other features.

The great thing about a diamond cut is that they are subjective. Some people prefer square cut diamonds, others prefer round cut or princess cut diamonds. The cut you choose is really up to you. Regardless of the diamond cut you prefer, we can help you design a ring that will expertly display your diamond of choice.

Finding an Ideal Diamond Cut is Essential

Regardless of the shape of the diamond cut you choose, it’s important that you choose a diamond that does not have a cut that is too deep or too shallow. If they are too deep or shallow, they may not reflect the light properly, reducing the sparkle effect. Therefore, you want to choose an ideal cut, meaning that it will provide excellent light reflection, regardless of the shape of the actual diamond.

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Why Shop for Diamond Cuts at Livia Diamonds in Toronto?

When you book an appointment to design a custom engagement ring in Toronto with Livia Diamonds, you will not only get top quality diamonds that are GIA certified, you will be working with our owner, Aret, who will help you choose a great diamond cut and engagement ring that will convey the meaning of your relationship and how much your partner means to you.

At Livia Diamonds, you can expect:

  • Top quality diamonds cuts
  • All shapes of diamond cuts
  • A large selection of diamond sizes to choose from
  • Custom ring design
  • Affordable diamond engagement ring options for all budgets
  • Exceptional personalized, one on one service
  • A Toronto jeweler that cares!


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Let Aret Help You Choose the Perfect Diamond Cut for Your Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring in Toronto starts with booking an appointment. Book a free consultation and explore your options for designing the perfect custom engagement ring with the perfect diamond cut.