Have Questions About Custom Engagement Rings? Aret Has The Answers!

Q: What if I don’t like the design?

This is one of the most common questions I get from customers. To ensure you like the design and I create exactly the type of engagement ring you want, we take a collaborative step by step approach to create your custom engagement ring.

My first step is to provide you with a CAD drawing so that you can see all the details of your custom design. Then a plastic mould is created, which is basically a carbon copy of the ring. At this point, we can make changes at no charge to you. I do all the work in-house and can take as many steps as you like and work collaboratively with you to create the perfect custom design. Nothing is made until it’s perfect and you give final approval.


Q: Why should we buy from Livia Diamonds instead of a jewellery store chain at the mall?

Chain jewellery stores offer standard diamond ring styles that are available across the country. These stores pre-choose a select number of diamond engagement rings, limiting your selection and engagement ring options.

With Livia Diamonds, you have the say and we design a custom engagement ring based on your ideas. You tell me how it should look, you choose the diamond cut, and together we’ll design it based on what you want. You create an engagement ring that has your personalized touch, creating a one-of-a-kind ring for your loved one.

I also offer cost savings compared to larger chains. They have huge overhead costs—I don’t. We are independently owned and operated, allowing us to offer more competitive pricing. We pass the cost savings down to you, allowing you to find a custom diamond engagement ring that fits within your budget.


Q: What payment plans do you offer?

Our layaway payment plan provides you with 4 months to pay for your engagement ring. Simply pay a 20% initial deposit up front, and then you will have 4 months to pay for your ring in full, from the day your custom engagement ring is complete. My plan gives you a flexible payment option, and I can even hold your ring in-store until you are ready to pop the question.


Q: What do you do to give back to the community?

I proudly support Sick Kids Hospital. I have a personal goal of donating $100,000 to Sick Kids by the time I retire. I believe in them and their work, and a portion of the proceeds of every commissioned sale will be donated. Every purchase you make at Livia Diamonds helps Sick Kids!


Q: Once I have decided on an engagement ring design and diamond, how long will the ring take to complete?

Generally, it takes 2 to 3 weeks to complete your custom engagement ring. Simpler designs take about 2 weeks to complete. More complex custom ring designs, requiring more steps and meetings, take closer to 3 weeks to complete. Rush jobs may be possible. Contact me for details and availability. Learn more about our custom engagement ring design process.


Q: Can I upgrade the diamond down the road? How does it work?

Absolutely! I can upgrade your diamond. How it works is simple – you pay for the difference in the value of the diamonds. For example, if the cost of the original diamond is $2000, and the cost of the new, upgraded diamond is $5000, you pay the difference – $3000. You will also have to pay for changes to the ring such as a new setting, labour, or any additional diamonds you want to add.


Q: Do you offer a warranty for your engagement rings? What happens if a stone falls out?

When you purchase a diamond engagement ring or any other piece of jewellery from Livia Diamonds, you are given a warranty card. As long as you come in to have your ring checked once a year, you will maintain a lifetime warranty on your ring. This protects you from any flaws or manufacturer’s defects.

Having your ring inspected each year allows me to check the strength of the prongs, the setting, and the overall durability of your engagement ring. This will give you peace of mind, knowing your ring is covered.


Q: Who makes the custom designed rings? Do you outsource the work to a third party?

No. All the work is done here in Toronto. My workshop is located close to our engagement ring design studio in downtown Toronto, where your ring is hand-crafted just for you. This gives me more control over the quality of the end product, pricing, and timelines to complete your custom designed engagement ring.


Q: How long is my quote guaranteed for?

Quoted prices for custom engagement rings change over time. There are a number of pricing and market factors that have an impact on the cost of your custom engagement ring. Factors such as the price of diamonds, gold, and the Canadian dollar change the cost structure of your ring. If you wait 3 or 6 months to come back after getting a quote, the price for your diamond engagement ring may have changed. It could cost you more, or it could cost less. It all depends on current market factors.

Due to the smaller profit margins that I deal with to provide you the best deal I can, I provide you a 14 day quote guarantee.


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