Lab created diamonds are also known as cultured or engineered diamonds and they are made using advanced processes in quality-controlled laboratories. Modern technology duplicates the natural conditions that a diamond needs to grow beneath the earth and the result is a cultured diamond that cannot be distinguished from a real one without the use of specialized equipment.

Lab diamonds are created from the same material as a natural diamond and have the same chemical and optical properties. When extreme heat and pressure for the deposition process are used the same type of natural diamond formation occurs. Special colours can also be created by adding trace elements of materials that would commonly be present during the diamond’s growth phase.

A number of different colours are available including vivid yellow hues that are breathtaking and stunning. These types of diamonds are currently bringing this gemstone up to a brand-new level where the possibilities are endless while the costs involved remain reasonable.

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If you are considering a Lab Grown diamond for your engagement ring here are some of the biggest benefits of choosing this type of stone over a natural diamond.

Lab Grown diamonds can be created using different types of technology including high temperature and pressure, chemical vapour deposition or the sonication of graphite solutions.

High pressure and high temperature is the most common method used. Diamond seeds are placed on a press and then heated to 1,400°C or higher, which melts the metal first. The metal then dissolves the carbon source and is sent to the small seeds to form a larger cultured diamond.


The use of chemical vapour deposition is another popular method for growing Lab Grown diamonds and it uses a hydrocarbon gas mixture. There has been a lot of laboratory research about this method since it is a simple yet flexible setup that can be used to grow diamonds in a lab. It offers more control over the different chemical impurities that could possibly occur and therefore more control over the properties in the diamonds that have been produced. Different types of gases including hydrogen are used to create various stones in different sizes.

Diamond crystals can also be synthesized from a graphite suspension. This type of diamond would be comparable in cost to a diamond that was created using the high pressure and high temperature method. This is a simple procedure that requires minimal equipment but more research is required to reduce operating costs and to improve the efficiency of the operation before it is commonly used.

When it comes to purchasing an engagement ring you have a variety of different options available. If you find during your shopping that you are stretching your budget and want something that is stunning and unforgettable, lab-grown diamonds are currently available in Toronto.

Lab Grown diamonds carry the same types of characteristics as “dirt diamonds” and cannot be distinguished from real diamonds except by experts. When you want the best diamond ring available that will fit into your budget, take a look at diamonds that have been grown and created with care under stringent quality control conditions in some of the finest labs across the country.

These are sustainable diamonds that provide a minimal impact on the environment with the same chemical, optical and physical properties as diamonds that have been mined from the earth. As well, when it comes to quality for comparable size, Lab Grown diamonds are more affordable and provide excellent value for the money.

Take a look at the Lab Grown diamonds that are now currently available in Toronto and across the GTA. You may be surprised to see the reasonable pricing and you’re sure to be amazed at the range of colour and size selections that are available today.

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