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At Livia Diamonds we are doing everything possible to ensure our clients feel safe and secure through every step of the process. With our strict social distancing protocols, mask-wearing practices and meticulous hand sanitizing, we have eliminated any risks that will keep you from enjoying the moment. We have also removed wait times and overlap in all consultations for minimal social contact.

Our goal is to give every client a worry-free experience so you can focus on only what’s important!
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Having trouble finding an engagement ring? If you’re ring shopping, you’ve probably taken a trip or two to the mall or visited a brand name jeweller in Toronto. One thing you’ve probably noticed is that all the rings and diamonds look the same. This wont cut it if you are looking for something personalized. I know that you want to propose with a ring that has meaning and expresses your feelings; Most importantly you want her to love it. This is why people are choosing to design custom engagement rings to get exactly what they want.

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Elaborate Custom Engagement Rings

How a top Toronto jeweller designs elaborate custom engagement rings

Aret Oymakas, the owner of local boutique design studio, Livia Diamonds (a unique destination for Engagement Rings in Toronto), has been working with engagement rings since he was a kid (he grew up as a 3rd generation Armenian jeweller from Europe).

Engagement Rings in Toronto

10 stores to get engagement rings in Toronto right now

Engagement rings in Toronto are a little tougher to procure right now during the pandemic. While most jewelers are doing virtual appointments at this point, only a smaller selection is offering in-store consultations for when you want to see your pricey keepsakes in all their shiny glory. Here are some stores where you can get engagement rings in Toronto right now.


Google Reviews

  • Rajmeet Dhillon
    Rajmeet Dhillon
    20:44 20 Nov 21
    Aret was fantastic in assisting Gaurav and I to make the first and one of the most important decisions a couple typically makes - finding the perfect symbol to demonstrate their love and commitment.He took the time to help educate us in diamonds, both natural and lab grown, precious stones, settings and the 4 C’s. He worked with me to identify what I loved most in a ring, welcomed my customized ideas and guided me on how to incorporate everything I wanted without over compromising the overall aesthetic of the diamond ring.He took my details and relayed them to Gaurav, and guided him to make the ultimate decision - keeping in mind what I was looking for.Gaurav and I would recommend Aret and Livia Diamonds for all your jewelry needs. You’ll have the most comforting experience without the pressure !
    Bhavya Sharma
    Bhavya Sharma
    01:56 30 Oct 21
    Aret is just the nicest, most down to earth guy ever. From the time me and my fiancé stepped in to the shop, he was extremely welcoming and made you feel like you were going to be in capable hands. I didn’t have much knowledge about the type of ring I wanted, other than the shape. Aret was super informative and helpful, and I ultimately found my dream ring! He updated us every step of the way and made sure that I left satisfied with my final product. You can’t go wrong, and his prices are extremely reasonable compared to a lot of others I’ve looked into.
    23:08 29 Oct 21
    Lida and her husband offered an amazing customer service experience. We were running late and although it was approaching closing time, they kindly accommodated us! The consultation didn’t feel rushed. They are highly professional and took their time to ensure we were satisfied before we left! Highly recommended.
    Derek Yoshida
    Derek Yoshida
    18:47 27 Oct 21
    Aret is amazing! He is super helpful and provides a lot of great advice for picking sizes and shapes. We visited a retail jeweler prior and we were shocked at the value we were able to get from Aret versus other stores. I honestly can't recommend him enough and will send all of my friends to him as well.
    Teodora G
    Teodora G
    21:54 20 Oct 21
    I am so happy and in love with my engagement ring from Livia Diamonds. Aret was so helpful and patient with me while designing my ring and was very accommodating to any changes I wanted to make. I would definitely recommend getting your ring from Livia Diamonds!
    Nikhil Chhabra
    Nikhil Chhabra
    03:50 20 Oct 21
    I would recommend Aret at Livia Diamonds 100 times over compared to other places! Aret will make sure you get exactly what you want within your budget and at top quality. Communication was 100% and he does everything according to the schedule you discuss.I went to the initial consultation and to see the prototype ring with my gf and he was very knowledgeable and accommodating to her preferences. Now my fiance has an engagement ring that she loves!Thanks for the awesome craftsmanship Aret! Looking forward to getting our wedding rings done in the future.
    19:05 09 Oct 21
    Tyler Miller
    Tyler Miller
    17:32 07 Oct 21
    My fiancée loves the ring that I had made at Livia. Aret is super easy to work with, delivers as promised (and then some) and takes all the stress and risk out of getting an engagement ring. I'd recommend him to anyone!
    Ricky Friedberg
    Ricky Friedberg
    23:42 23 Sep 21
    I cannot recommend Aret enough. He is so incredibly nice, patient, knowledgeable, and it felt like he genuinely cared about finding me the perfect diamond and designing the perfect ring for my now fiancé. He went completely out of his way to source the exact diamond I was looking for. I will personally guarantee you won't be disappointed working with him - I seriously do not have enough good things to say about Aret and his work.
    Gee P
    Gee P
    17:08 17 Sep 21
  • Welcome to Livia Diamonds! We are an independently owned diamond engagement ring store, specializing in engagement rings, wedding bands and custom engagement rings in a variety of cuts, styles, ring types and metal types. We are located in Toronto, Canada and have helped men, women and couples from around the world find their perfect engagement ring. We go the extra mile when finding and/or creating unique engagement rings, and we will not stop until you have your dream ring. We only use certified loose diamonds in all of the engagement rings that we create and sell, and take pride in offering in store consultations and virtual appointments with store owner Aret, where we go over the exact specifications of your custom engagement ring. We are truly a one stop shop for those looking for engagement rings in Toronto. If you are interested in learning more about our craftsmanship, styles or custom engagement rings, please feel free to contact us to book an in person or virtual appointment. Note that the initial consultation is always free!

    What Should I Look for When Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring?

    WBuying an engagement ring can be exciting, but may also be overwhelming! When shopping for diamond engagement rings, all couples should be aware of the 4cs: diamond colour, clarity, cut, and carat. As an overview, diamond colour refers to the whiteness, or lack of colour in the diamond. Surprisingly, the whiter or clearer the diamond, the more rare the diamond is. Clarity refers to the level of perfection in the diamonds - in essence, it measures the number and size of the imperfections in the diamonds. The less imperfections on the diamond, the more rare the diamond is likely to be, thus increasing the cost. There is a Diamond Clarity Grading chart, which can be found more in depth here. Cut refers to how well the diamond has been cut - it is important to keep in mind that the better the cut of the diamond, the better sparkle and brilliance your diamond engagement ring will have. Ideally, the best cut has the highest grade of polish and symmetry. Lastly, carat refers to the weight of the diamond. As the weight increases, so does the price of the diamond. At Livia Diamonds, we will ensure you get the most stunning engagement ring within your budget and specifications while following the 4Cs. It is important to note that at Livia Diamonds, we do not grade the diamond engagement rings; they are graded by agencies around the world before they come to us.

    While we encourage everyone shopping for engagement rings to keep the 4Cs in mind, here at Livia Diamonds we also tell all of our shoppers to look beyond the 4Cs, catalogues and magazines when looking for the perfect diamond ring. It is important to remember that all diamonds are different, just as everyone's style of engagement rings is different. It is important to choose your engagement ring, or your custom engagement ring, based on your partners personal style and what appeals most to you. What one person thinks is their perfect ring may not be another persons, so it is important that you shop and purchase your special piece of jewelry from the heart. For many couples, the custom design process here at Livia Diamonds is a great option, as it ensures they are getting their perfect engagement ring.

    Custom Engagement Rings in Toronto

    Gone are the days of only having a few engagement rings and wedding rings to choose from. For many couples, the option of choosing to create a custom engagement ring or wedding bands is more appealing as you have more control over the entire process, including the design, colour and style. At Livia Diamonds, we are proud to offer a wide selection of rings to kick start your custom engagement ring journey. For those looking for custom engagement rings in Toronto, Livia Diamonds does it all. Our staff are extremely knowledgable and will work closely with couples to ensure an accurate delivery time, quality gemstones, the best price possible, and will go the extra mile to ensure you will get the exact ring and the exact diamond you have envisioned. We will work with you every step of the way to make sure your custom ring is truly one of a kind. We strive to make the process of creating your custom wedding rings easy, enjoyable and stress free. We truly enjoy and take pride in creating engagement rings for couples that will last a lifetime.

    Diamond Certification for Engagement Rings Toronto

    A diamond certificate, otherwise known as a Diamond Quality Document or Diamond Grading Report, is a certificate that is issued to prove that the diamond underwent a professional examination and grading before being sold. It is important to note that Diamond Certificates are not graded by jewellers themselves, but from numerous agencies around the world. Currently, the most reliable agency is from the GIA (Gemological Institute of America). As an overview, the GIA validates the diamonds weight, colour and clarity. It is important to note that the GIA provides an unbiased opinion, and once this examination has been completed, a certificate is then issued.

    Regardless if you are buying an engagement ring, wedding rings, diamond rings or diamond earrings, a Diamond Certification should always be provided when buying diamond jewelry, regardless of where you are shopping. When shopping for engagement rings in downtown Toronto, this is important as you may find stores selling loose diamonds, diamond rings or cubic zirconia. A reputable jeweller will ensure that you are provided with a Diamond Certificate when you are shopping for your engagement ring to authenticate the diamond. At Livia Diamonds, we will always provide you with a Diamond Certificate, and our extremely knowledgeable staff will also give your diamond a secondary inspection to ensure the grade of the diamond you are interested in is fair and accurate.

    Giving Back when Purchasing Engagement Rings Toronto

    At Livia Diamonds, we truly believe in paying it forward and giving back whenever we can, which is why when you purchase an engagement ring from Livia Diamonds, you are also supporting SickKids Hospital. We are proud to say a percentage of every sale, regardless if you choose to create a custom ring or purchase a ring that is pre designed, goes directly to SickKids hospital, so you can rest assured knowing you are making a difference when purchasing your engagement ring.





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