Our Story


What do i stand for?

Have you ever heard a horrific story about people being lied to or cheated when they are purchasing a diamond, car or timeshare? I have and it pains me to hear that that’s happening. That’s why I make the process of purchasing a diamond as transparent as possible through sharing my many years of knowledge and experience with you so that you can make an investment that will last for generations to come, because every diamond has a fingerprint.

Purchasing an engagement ring is a milestone moment in your life as it marks the beginning of starting a family with the woman you love. Personally, my greatest sources of pride in life are my beautiful wife Leda and our daughter Olivia.




My Values

People say I’m (too) honest

I’m the type of guy that will show you how you can impress her with a ring that looks like you spent $20,000 (when you only spent $6,000). I’ll treat your investment as if it were coming out of my own pocket, because that’s how I’d like to be treated.

I’ll take care of you

You’ll benefit from generations of my diamond industry knowledge so that you can feel at ease about the investment you’re making. Plus, you have my word that you’ll only ever deal directly with me and I promise never pass you off to someone junior.

I Promise She’ll Love It

I’ll take you through our custom making engagement ring process to get it right for her (and make you look good, while get down on one knee). All of our engagement rings are tailor made and we guarantee our work as well as provide you a lifetime warranty.

No pressure sales

Even though it’s by appointment only, all of our consultations are absolutely free. I promise never to make you feel like you’re browsing at a car lot.