Cheap Engagement Rings in Toronto

Cheap Engagement Rings in Toronto

Toronto is a large city – the largest city in Canada. It is known for its high end jewelry industry and its plentiful array of jewelry stores in downtown Toronto. The city also hosts millions of tourists each year, many of which come to the city for shopping, including shopping for engagement rings.

But what about if you are on a budget? Can you still find a great engagement ring for your loved one? Absolutely!

Livia Diamonds offers custom engagement rings in Toronto at affordable prices. We offer custom designs that fit all budgets. All you need to do is talk to us about how much you want to spend and we can help you find the perfect engagement ring that will fit within your personal budget. This is what makes us unique in the Toronto jewelry industry. For us, it’s always about help you find a great ring, not making a sale at all costs. We give you the personalized experience you deserve, regardless of your budget.

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Tips for Budgeting for an Engagement Ring in Toronto

Sit down and figure out what makes financial sense. The last thing you want to do is put yourself in financial risk.

“Setting a budget goes beyond comparisons of income and expenses. You have to be comfortable with whatever amount you decide to spend, and what it will buy. Knowing what your bride-to-be’s expectations are will also help. Sure, this budgeting and then choosing the right ring for your budget does take a bit of the carefree romance out, but it sets you up for the future, near and far. And this engagement ring purchase is the first step in that journey,” says Jewelry Wise.

Tips to Cut Costs When Engagement Ring Shopping In Toronto

If you are looking for ways to find a great ring without making it look like a cheap engagement ring, there are a number of things you can do to adjust the design, including:

  • Be strategic with the setting
  • Choose gold over platinum
  • Buy a wedding ring and engagement ring set
  • Buy diamonds that are just shy of popular carat weights
  • Choose a more affordable diamond cut

These are just some of the ways you can cut costs. If you are interested in learning about exactly the style of ring you can get within your engagement ring budget, I can help. Stop thinking about shopping for cheap engagement rings in Toronto and start focusing on the rings you can afford.

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When you choose Livia Diamonds, you can shift your focus from cheap engagement rings in Toronto to designing a custom engagement ring that fits your budget. Contact us today to set up a one on one engagement ring design consultation. We will help you find a ring she will love forever!

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