Custom diamond engagement rings have taken the jewellery industry by storm, for good reason. For the purchase of something so unique and only done one time, it really should be an expression of your relationship.

You’ll find more options in the jewellery industry to create custom engagement rings. Like most things, not all are equal in craftsmanship, design and what Livia Diamonds is becoming known for, “meaningful design”.

Let’s start with craftsmanship. There are many steps in the custom design and creation process. Some of these steps can be overlooked. At Livia Diamonds every step of the way is carefully considered and executed. This is backed by a process that allows you to confirm design before gold is crafted.
You’ll see your design concept in a silver ring rather than, the industry standard, blue wax model. It’s difficult to imagine your ring with a blue delicate wax piece. Livia Diamonds wants you to feel confident at that important design approval step.

The craftsmanship of the ring and setting of diamonds is integral to the strength of the ring to withstand a lifetime of wear. No step can be overlooked. For comparison purposes, our level of attention to detail is at, and often times, beyond high end luxury jewellery retailers.

Aret, owner of Livia Diamonds, has developed a unique ability to infuse a high level of personalization into a couple’s engagement ring. The goal is to not only customize a ring based on personal taste alone, but to add to that personal taste with symbolism that represents your life together, your love story. Whatever the two of you share uniquely with each other is a great starting point of possibilities.


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